Glass Shower Doors Can Shatter Without Warning

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Imagine that you just finished a bathroom remodel and you are really excited. You are standing inside your new shower for the first time. Unexpectedly you hear a CRASH! Glass flies all over the bathroom. Suddenly you are standing in the middle of a pool of dangerous glass shards. Unfortunately there is only one way out…through a path of shattered glass. Nobody expects this especially when they just spent a significant amount of money on a bathroom remodel.

Frameless Glass Doors Are Beautiful But…

Frameless glass shower doors are a huge trend in bathroom remodeling. The glass allows unobstructed views to display custom tilework inside the shower. We recently had a shower door break on one of our clients, which forced us to rethink the whole idea of glass shower doors. The main questions is how do you stop a glass shower door from breaking?

Shower Safety Glass Is Not So Safe

Shower doors are made with tempered glass. The idea of tempered glass is that is safe because if the glass breaks, it breaks into tiny rounded pieces. This is great because tempered glass eliminates long sharp pieces of glass that could be lethal. But tiny pieces of broken glass is still sharp and dangerous. Many people have been seriously hurt by this “safety glass”.

Glass Shower Door Shield By 3m Is The Answer

I believe that the solution to minimize the dangers of broken glass shower doors is found in a new product developed by 3m. This innovative product is a film that goes on the exterior of the glass shower door. If the glass shower door were to break, the film would keep the tiny shards of glass together in one large sheet.  If you are doing a bathroom remodel, look into this product for your family’s safety. This glass shower door shield should become standard in all glass door installations.

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